Friday, October 2, 2015

[review] Innisfree Soybean Firming Skin╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯

It's been a while since I shared a review post with you guys so look forward to all the upcoming skincare reviews! During my summer trip in Japan/HK, I went all out and bought new skincare products since my skin was getting us to the usual routine of using Laneige products. So, I decided to research before my trip to decide which brand to choose next and I picked the Innisfree product range as I've heard so many good things about their brand and products.  

To start off my Innisfree skincare collection, I'll be reviewing on their Soybean Firming Skin (AUD $39.11). [On a side note, I will be using the Innisfree website prices as I didn't keep the receipts but the prices are very similar as to when I purchased them in-stores.]

This skin toner is made with Jeju fermented soybean extracts and aims to moisturize the skin and promote elasticity. Soybean is a natural collagen supplement which is why this product is also able to prevent wrinkles. Their soybean ranged products go by a 6-free system which excludes the use of parabens, synthetic colorants, mineral oil, animal-originated ingredients, artificial fragrances and imidazolidinyl urea. 

I absolutely love this toner, the formula is incredibly light and a non-sticky liquid substance. I use this every morning, by applying a generous amount onto my hands and gently patting the product in. It also leaves a pleasant herbal citrus scent which lingers around for a few minutes before disappearing. After a few days of using this product I could definitely see the amazing results, as my skin felt super hydrated and the appearance of fine lines have reduced dramatically. Very impressed with this product and I highly recommend it!

It's already October, boy does time fly!! I really should be starting my research project but procrastinating got the better half of me...Anyways 2 more weeks till the BigBang concert here in Sydney! Super excited and cannot wait till I get to see my oppa's!
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

KIN by us. // Breakfast in Sydney ¯\_ʘᗜʘ_/¯

Last Saturday I met up with my boyfriend, Mr.Smiles, for breakfast since I had work in the afternoon. We decided to go to Macquarie to try out one of the cafe's there and chose to go to KIN by us. KIN by us is an Eclectic Asian-style cafe and is located near Macquarie University. 

 It seemed quite busy for a Saturday morning, but we didn't have to wait to get our seats. We took our time looking at the menu and carefully inspected what ingredients were in each dish. Since we arrived quite early we could only choose from the all-day breakfast menu. 

I decided to try their Black Sesame Shake ($8). The sesame flavor was quite strong in this drink and I thoroughly enjoyed it until Mr.Smiles decided to point it out that it was literally black sesame & ice-cream..way to ruin the moment of bliss!

  He on the other hand ordered a Cappuccino ($3.50), and all I can say was it was not bad, after taking a few sips~ I don't usually drink cappuccino's so I wouldn't be able to compare to anything else. 

 Our meals arrived soon after the drinks where Mr.Smiles ordered the Chicken Rice Congee ($15). I loved how they added the pork floss, onsen egg and heaps of shallots (I LOVE SHALLOTS!). There was also some shredded ginger on the side which we added into the congee too. I actually enjoyed this dish more than the one I ordered for myself. 

I ordered the Waffle Belly ($17), which had caramelized soy pork belly, potato waffles, an onsen egg, cabbage and mushrooms (which were hiding under the cabbage). I had high hopes for this dish as it sounded amazing but unfortunately it didn't meet my expectations as I felt like something was missing. Maybe a punch of flavor to really jazz it up I chili flakes? I can't quite put my finger on it but something was just missing in taste.

Overall this place is quite cosy, the shake was lovely but the food was alright. It didn't leave a a "wow" factor for me. A friend of mine told me (via. Instagram: @lazypandah) that I should try their sweet potato latte as it tastes like pumpkin soup so I might head there again to try the latte and their lunch menu instead. *fingers cross that their lunch menu wow's me!*
KIN by us.
2 Saunders Cl, Macquarie Park, 2113
Opening Hours: Open 7 days, MON-SAT: 7am-3pm, SUN: closed
T: (02) 8068 8690

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cafe Oratnek // Japanese Café in Sydney (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

It has been a while since I blogged about a nice cafe around Sydney as most of my posts have been about Japan. Although, today's post is somewhat related to the Japanese culture. Yesterday I met up with an old friend of mine and we've been wanting to go to Cafe Oratnek which is a new-ish Japanese café brunch spot In Redfern.

First thing I ordered off the menu was their Matcha Latte ($4.20/$4.90). I have to say their matcha has that authentic bitterness to it, but it was a bit overwhelming for myself so I added a teaspoon of sugar. If you look at the photo you can see 3 different tones of green which was the froth, matcha residue and the matcha infused milk. The texture of the latte was really smooth and silky which I highly recommend!

As for food we ordered two dishes, the first being their Pork Fillet Katsu Sandwich($10), which I have been constantly seeing on my Instagram feed everyday! So it was one of the dishes that I had to taste with my own tongue and all I can say is...I LOVE IT! The pork katsu is extremely juicy, succulent and tender whilst the outer layer is crunchy! It wasn't heavy at all due to the refreshing cabbage and the seasoning was perfect, which was simply Japanese BBQ sauce & mustard. 

The second dish we ordered was from their breakfast menu, which was their Sautéed mixed of Wild Mushrooms on Toast($13). We also added a poached egg (+$2.50) to complete our brunch. I was absolutely in love with this dish as the miso and butter flavors really seasoned the mushroom and the toast well! It also had some dried chili flakes for that extra punch in taste and the goats cheese and herbs made this dish perfect! 

Last item we ordered was their Matcha Tiramisu, we just couldn't leave without trying at least one of their sweets selection. The texture of the tiramisu cake was incredibly moist, light and fluffy, I couldn't believe my taste buds! Although I would have preferred it to have a stronger matcha flavor like their latte. 

Overall, I didn't experience any Monday Blue symptoms  and I may have found my new "GO-TO" brunch spot for a while! Not only do the dishes taste amazing, it is also relatively cheap, in my opinion! In total we spent only $36.50, where on average we would spent about $50 for a brunch session like this. Simply love this place! HIGHLY RECOMMEND to all my Sydney-dwelling readers!

Cafe Oratnek
4 Pitt Street, Redfern, 2016
Opening Hours: Open 7 days, MON-SAT: 7am-4pm, SUN: 8am-4pm
T: (02) 8394 9550


The sun has finally decide to shine towards the end of spring and it's finally mid-sem break! I shall be uploading and blogging more this week as the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy busy for me. I just uploaded my VLOG#4 installment from my Japan Summer Trip. You can now watch it below! 


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Friday, September 25, 2015

Summer Parfait // Fruits Parlor (●♡∀♡)

Rose divider by SophibelleRose divider by Sophibelle
After a long morning of walking and looking around Shibuya, we decided to go for a little snack before we continued our shoppping journey. 
FREE ICON - Bubbly Potion by beri-cram
We decided to go to Fruits Parlor near Shibuya station, located on level 1!
Banana Parfait by Mini-Umbrella
I ordered a summer mixed fruit parfait, which was super refreshing and delicious. It also look amazing too, as if it just popped out of an anime!
Avatar - Strawberry Milkshake by shiropanda
Steph got the strawberry parfait and boy were those strawberries sweet, unlike our Aussie sour strawberries! 
Free to Use: Strawberry Parfait Icon by Pepperjack-Kiwi
Thankfully I remember to take a shot with my parfait before I gobbled it all up! 

Parfait Pixel Icon by ParfaitPichu
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TOTORO Cream Puffs // Shirohige Café (╯✧∇✧)╯

Crystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designs
On our second day in Japan we headed out to a well known café which sells Totoro shaped cream puffs! Be warned this place is not near the Ghibli museum at all! It is located near Setagaya-Daita station, so plan your trip in advance. 
Totoro avatar by xXMandy20Xx
We got to the café around 11:30am and we were asked if we had any reservation. We didn't know they took reservations but luckily for us they had a table to spare until 12:20pm which was fine by us. 
free cheesecake icon by RRRAI
Steph ordered a ice coffee, as it was another blazing hot sunny day! We also ordered a filling meal since we hadn't eaten anything since we left our apartment. 
Bouncy Onigiri Icon by angelishi
We both ordered a pasta dish! I ordered the Fettucine with minced meat in cream sauce and Steph got the Chicken fillet & green perilla in cod roe sauce.
Lime Jelly by angelishi
I simply loved this pasta dish! It had some chili flakes in it for that extra punch of flavor!! I licked this plate clean using the bread that was served on the side because I couldn't let any sauce go to waste!
Octopus by xXMandy20Xx
Steph's pasta was more on the refreshing lighter side but was also super delicious as well. 
totorooooos! by RRRAI
After our filling meal, we couldn't leave this place until we tried their well-known Totoro cream puffs! We decided to order 2 so we could try the different flavors. 
.:Free Icon:. Pikatoro (???) by Pikatoro
We ordered the classic matcha flavor and their summer special peach flavor! We took many photo's of the cream puff that we totally forgot to take a photo with it unti we cut open our puffs.
Free Icon! Tiny Totoro by MYFAIRPIXEL
Totoro Cream Puff Thing: Icon by kurimu-san
It was quite sad to cut the puff in half but it didn't click in either of our heads that we could have opened up the puff sideways rather than straight up front!
Rainbow Icon by Mini-Umbrella
Despite our all cut up in half Totoro cream puffs we decided to take photos with them anyways! The peach flavored cream puff was really light and beautiful very unique!
Sunshine Icon by Mini-Umbrella
Whereas the matcha was strong and packed with flavor, which I thoroughly enjoyed too! (We shared half-half)
cremecake Icon by Oni-chu
Once we finished off our puffs we went up to pay the bill. On the side we saw freshly baked bread and BOY DO THEY SMELL SO GOOD! 
free ghost icon by cremecake
We didn't get the chance to buy any but the bread in our pasta dish was from these selection of homemade bread here! 
Yamio icon by Yamio
After taking photo's of their studio ghibli items in the café, Steph and I headed off to Mitaka to go to the Ghibli Museum. 
Cloud Icon by Mini-Umbrella
Once we arrived I had to take another photo outside the main gate but the summer version!
FREE Bouncy Bulbasaur Icon by Kattling
As we headed inside just before the entrance, the whole place was covered in luscious greens! It's so much more beautiful and full od life in Summer, compared to the winter view.  
Soot Sprite Icon by byaburry
We actually purchased tickets from the Lawson machine but somehow the dates got mixed up and so our tickets were for next month! So we decided to just take pictures with Totoro and headed off to Shibuya and Harajuku.  
free calcifer icon by RRRAI
Here is the corresponding VLOG :D 

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