Tuesday, May 3, 2016

「2ND BIRTHDAY」ヾ(◍’౪`◍)ノ゙♡ // Celebrating over food

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Last Friday I headed out on a date night with the boyfriend for a special occasion which was to celebrate our relationships 2nd birthday! We were originally going to head out to the Blue Mountains for a night, but apparently hotels and rooms there only accepts a minimum of 2 nights, costing around AUD$800+ for just the room. Instead we decided to go for the safe option of food. 

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We thought we should pamper ourselves and decided on fine dining at Rockpool Est 1989. Rockpool Est has won many many awards and is a Three Hat restaurant which serves fine modern Australian cuisine by chef Neil Perry. Once we arrived at the restaurant the ambience is quite different to how I would imagine it to be. We went with the 8 course degustation menu and we also ordered a cocktail and a bottle of wine. 
We ordered our drinks first and I ordered the cocktail named High Five. It consists of Five spiced Gosling's rum, yuzu, Beechwood honey, pimento and ginger bear. It was quite delicious with its' citrusy falvours and I love yuzu too. 

As we were having our drinks, we were given complimentary bread as we waited for our meal to be made. It was honey and spelt sourdough with two spreads to go with it. The top one is a whipped konbu butter and it was incredibly delicious! The bottom one was ricotta with honey and pear, which was light and beautiful but I do prefer the whipped butter one due to the heavier taste. 

The first dish was their Scampi with grilled cucumber and sherry dressing. The dish was light yet full of flavour and it was the perfect way to start the evening. We didn't leave any drop of dressing on the plate.   

The second dish came out, which was their Kingfish sashimi on enriched Koshihikari rice with Japanese peach and mirin dressing. It was literally a de-constructed sushi and it was just amazing. The fish was so soft and tender, which went very well all the ingredients.  

Next was their King prawn mousse, rolled on pangrattato on squid ink sauce. The crumbed bits had a pinch of chilli in it, which gave the perfect punch of spice. This had the texture of steam eggs, soft and fluffy and was rich in flavour too. 

The final seafood dish was this lovely Mackerel wrapped in a turmeric leaf, topped with fried basil and almond sauce. Once again the fish was cooked perfectly and it tasted wonderful. 

Next up was their Char Siu goose from Llangothlin dish with a hot, sweet and sour sauce. I couldn't remember the entire dish name because their menu on their website is a little different. However this dish was really interesting in texture but it was lovely to eat. 

Now comes my favourite dish of the night, their Blue Mountain wagyu softly grilled, served with oxtail sauce and wasabi. I was tearing up when I placed the first piece into my mouth. The beef was perfection! It melts instantly into your mouth and the flavours were perfect, however I would have liked a little bit more wasabi. 

After finishing our meal, we were given our pre-dessert, the Vacherin of pandan custard with coconut parfait, jasmine sorbet and lime granita held together with a meringue mould. This was lovely and a great way to freshen up after all our heavy dishes. 

Next dish was their Volrhona chocolate with macadamia, malt and burnt orange ice-cream. This particular dessert was also quite lovely, but more on the sweeter side. 

The last dessert bits was their original date tart dated back since 1989 and their white chocolate and strawberry filled choux. The tart filling was really good and the choux wasn't my favourite as I am not a huge fan of white chocolate. 

Our last dessert was complimentary and it was their Chocolate cake with golden sugar spun nest. The cake had all the texture of a brownie, cake and mousse, it was incredibly delightful and delicious too. 

Rockpool Est 1989
11 Bridge St, Sydney, 200 NSW
Opening Hours: Lunch: Mon - Fri: 12PM - 3PM // Dinner: Mon-Sat: 6PM - 12AM // Sunday: CLOSED
Ph: (02) 9252 1888

Rockpool Est. 1989 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Had a crappy start to the morning, so I went to the gym to work up a sweat and now my arms are dying from the pain. Anyway, today I didn't do too much but I did finish editing a few videos to upload for you guys soon!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wonders into Hells Gate // Geothermal Park and Mud Bath Spa ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

After our hike in the Whakarewarewa Redwood forest, we headed off to our next location on our itinerary. 

We headed towards Hells Gate which is a geothermal park and also has a mud bath spa too. This place was really close to Rotorua central and quite a easy drive. 

We began the self-tour with a stroll through the geothermal park hike, where we saw all the inferno, cooking pools, steaming cliff, mud volcano, medicine lake, bush walk and Kakahi Falls. 

After our stroll, it was time to enjoy the sulphur spa and mud spa. When entering the sulphur spa, you should not place your head underwater for safety purposes.  

As for the mud spa, my boyfriend and I had so much fun. I was quite surprised that my boyfriend rather enjoyed playing in the mud spa as he kept trying to put as much on him as possible. Once our time was up for the spa session we headed back to our accommodation and had a chill night in. 


The past few days I have been filming quite a bit because the sun had decided to come out and play! I will be editing a few video's later tonight but first to finish off my studies for the evening. I have also uploaded a new video today and it is anime-related. Watch it below!!
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Monday, April 25, 2016

KylieCosmetic // Part 2- Lipkit review & swatches + video ٩(♥ω♥*)۶

Late March I blogged about how to shop successfully on the KylieCosmetic website as their lip kits are extremely popular due to the high intensity pigmentation of their lip products and how long-lasting and transfer-free they all are. Today I will be sharing with you guys, the second part to the review on KylieCosmetic, which will include my review and swatches of all 8 shades that I got. 

The lip kits will be delivered in this black and white drip-dropped rim box which is pretty much the signature packaging for KylieCosmetic products. 

I placed all my lip kit together into the one box so it is easier to find the shade that I want to use. The lip kits come with one pencil liner and one liquid matte lipstick at the cost of US$29. 

I like keeping it in this particular colour coordination: Koko K, Candy K, Posie K, Kourt K, True Brown K, Dolce K, 22, Mary Jo K. 

Here are all the swatches for all 8 shades of the lip kits. The pencil liners are all swatch in heart shape's and their matching liquid lipstick swatches are beside the lip liner swatches. I have also labelled them to make it easier to know what shades are what. 

I like how KylieCosmetic are cruelty free so they do not test their products on animals. Also their lipsticks contain a moisturising ingredient for a super comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips and last on the lips for many hours without touch-up. Touch-up is only needed if you eat greasy food where the lip product can slide occasionally and it best to remove all the residues before reapplying a new layer. I can honestly say the lip kits are something to rave about as it does live up to the hype and price point is not too expensive. If you'd like to see the lip kits in action, you can watch my review/swatch video below. 

Today is ANZAC day and so for all Australians and NZer's let us all remember those who had fought for us. Lest We Forget. 
Even though today is a public holiday, I honestly do not know what else we can do on them...*sighs* so I might head out in a bit to go for a good old food date with my boyfriend. 
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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Whakarewarewa Rainforest // Redwood hike (•̀o•́)ง

The following day we headed off to Rotorua, where we were off to the Whakarewarewa forest for a good hike in the Redwood forest. It was so surreal and beautiful as we were surround by the tall trees. Now I'm just going to bombard the post with a few photos along our hike, as there are no words that can really describe the whole experience. 

There are so many different plants and tree's along our walk and it is so beautiful to see splashes of colour from the berries and flowers that we find. 

Thinking of changing up the way I post blog entries these day but I will see how it goes first~ Anyway, today I went yumcha with my family and we also went to the fish market to purchase some seafood for dinner. I haven't been doing much these days but tomorrow I will need to get a good study session going on.

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